Trigger Groups

For those wishing to upgrade, we recommend TriggerTech trigger groups for the WK180C.  These easy to install, drop-in trigger groups are manufactured in Canada and will leave you never wanting to use any other trigger group ever again.  They are covered by TiggerTech’s Lifetime Warranty (handled through TriggerTech.)  Installation of your new trigger group by us in your WK180C is available for a fee; please contact for information.

TriggerTech Diamond - PVD Flat

$ 369.99

TriggerTech Adaptable - PVD Flat

$ 319.99

TriggerTech Adaptable - PVD Curved

$ 319.99

TriggerTech Competitive- PVD Curved

$ 289.99

TriggerTech Combat- PVD Curved

$ 259.99

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