WR762 Rifle is manufactured in Canada by Kodiak Defence Inc .

Rifle WR762 similar in design to VZ 58 made for Civil Market.

WR762 20 rds magazine pinned to 5 rds ( same as VZ 58 magazine)

Mount is not included 

Standard Barrel non chromed

7.62x39 caliber

One year warranty for original owners.

Please contact Westrifle Canada at westrifle.com if you wish to purchase this rifle in Canada at westrifle.com

We do not sell parts or receivers for those rifles right now. 

Westrifle Canada is Exclusive Distributor of WR762 rifle in Canada please dealers contact Westrifle for dealer pricing. 

Please contact us if you want to convert your existing CZ858 to WR762. We will provide a cost for you. We do not sell the receiver alone, but

we can put your parts into our receiver. No quotes is given over the phone.