We’re proud of the firearms that we manufacture and our customers satisfaction is of the upmost priority.  If you have a faulty or defective rifle, we will make every reasonable effort to correct it.  For troubleshooting / diagnosis, or to return a firearm for repair or replacement please contact us.

ALL WARRANTIES MUST INCLUDE A RMA NUMBER.  Firearms that arrive without one will be returned to sender.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

To provide the best possible warranty support to our customers, we ask that you please contact our warranty centre by emailing: We will make every effort to expedite the warranty process for our customers. A copy of your sales receipt or your order number is required for all claims.

Kodiak Defence Warranty

For all warranty questions regarding the WK180C, WK180C Gen 2, or K9, please contact our warranty centre directly by filling out a Service Request or by emailing us at Include in your email:

  • your mailing address including postal code;
  • the serial number of your rifle;
  • a contact telephone number; and
  • a description of what’s wrong.


  1. The easiest way is to examine the cocking handle. The WK180C uses a cocking handle that screws into the bolt carrier and there will be a slot for the cocking handle on both sides of the upper receiver. The WK180C Gen 2 uses a non-reciprocating cocking handle and does not have a slot on the right side of the upper receiver.

    You can also see photos of each here: WK180C and here: WK180C Gen 2


  2. bonjour,moi je voudrais savoir a quelle place doit on enregistrer l arme pour la garantie(avons nous besoin de l enregistrer)sinon moi tout es ok…..merci

  3. There is no need to register your firearms with us to have them covered by the warranty. Please do keep a copy of the receipt (snapping a photo works just fine) in case we need it, but we almost certainly won’t ask to see it. If something is wrong with a firearm that we made, please get a hold of us so we can take care of it.


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