Kodiak Defence is a Canadian weapons manufacturer.  Kodiak Defence develops and manufactures commercial rifles and pistols and special-to-task weapons platforms including: police carbines, military rifles, light and heavy machine guns, pistols, and sniper weapon systems.

Our team has years of proven performance in supporting emergency and specialized logistics & supply chains across four continents for a wide range of international clients including: governments, commercial organizations, NGOs, and the EU. We have in-house technical capability, export control compliance, and ongoing life support proficiency supported by qualified staff, legal understanding, transparency, and accountability even in high risk and austere environments.

Access to innovative technical capability and our ongoing research and development proficiency enable us to offer wide range of credible and experienced support within multiple operational programs. Team experience and integrating in-house capability and capacity with strategic partnerships allow us to provide a broad range of skills as a “one stop shop” with a global reach. Currently, we are looking for distributors of our products outside of Canada.  Click on Become a Dealer and send us an email telling us who you are and where you are located.

Kodiak Defence Inc.
5161 O’Neil Drive
Oldcastle ON,  N0R 1L0

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