Wolverine Supplies no longer the distributing the WK180C

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19 December 2019

Kodiak Defence Inc. has severed our working relationship with Wolverine Supplies Ltd. and will no longer be using them to distribute our products, namely the WK180C.  When we designed and built the first WK180C, we were excited to work with Wolverine Supplies.  Their retail and distribution network helped to get a quality rifle into the hands of many Canadians.  Unfortunately, this cannot continue.  Our working relationship was not one that satisfied either one of us and it is time that we go our separate ways.


We understand that there are many customers who have placed pre-orders with retailers, including with Wolverine Supplies.  Wolverine has informed us that they will be contacting their customers in the coming days to advise them that their deposits will be refunded.  To those who were patiently waiting their turn in line with Wolverine, we apologise that you have been caught up in this.  We have had neither control nor visibility of the waiting list (that’s not a criticism; it just wasn’t in our purview) and are unable to provide any information about it, besides what we were told.


We will continue to produce the WK180C and have begun working with another distributor based in Toronto (North Sylva).  We remain excited to be making the most popular Canadian rifle on the market and nothing about its production is changing, apart from how they end up in your friendly neighbourhood gun store.  As a manufacturer, we typically do not sell to the public.  Our new distributor also does not sell directly, but you will still see WK180Cs on the shelves and the webpages of your favourite retailers.  We have been producing rifles steadily and, absent a short break next week for Christmas, will continue to do so until everyone who wants a WK180C in their hands has one. 


We hope that you enjoy the holidays and we wish all our customers a very merry Christmas.








Kodiak Defence Inc.





20 December 2019

We have received many inquiries about the future of the WK180C now that Wolverine is no longer involved.  We are not interested in airing dirty laundry, but there are a few points that we feel are important to clarify for our customers:


- The MSRP of the WK180C remains $1 095.00 and we are not in discussions with our new distributor to change that.  The price is part of the reason that our rifle sells so well.


- The warranty for the WK180C has not changed.  At no point was Wolverine involved with the warranty process for the WK180C, other than referring customers who contacted them to us.  Similarly, North Sylva will not be involved with the warranty in any capacity.  Customers who experience issues with their rifles should contact us directly at Service@KodiakDefence.com for remedy.


- Kodiak designed the WK180C in house, manufactured a preproduction model, produced ten dealer-sample rifles, and then began making them in earnest.  Wolverine’s contribution to this project was the marketing and distribution of our rifle, something for which we were grateful, but that contribution does not make the WK180C their rifle.


- Wolverine Supplies Ltd. (in its capacity as a retailer, rather than as a wholesaler) is welcome to purchase as many rifles as it wishes and sell them to its customers retail, the same as every other gun store in the country does, but we are not going to use them for distribution.  Gun stores interested in stocking our products should contact North Sylva.


Again, we are truly sorry for those who are caught in the middle of this.  We did what was necessary to ensure the longevity of our company so that we will be able to produce rifles for our customers in the coming years.






Vladimir Moltchanov


Kodiak Defence Inc.



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