Kodiak Defence WK180C 5.56 NATO 18.7″ Non-Restricted FACTORY SECONDS


When we make rifles, sometimes we slip. These WK180Cs have cosmetic defects that prevent us from selling them at full price, but remain 100% functional and still covered by our warranty. Please see photos for examples of what you might receive. (Not every rifle defect appears in the photos, but the photos are a good range of the damage you can expect.)
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  • Please note: We offer these rifles at a discount as they required special attention. We will not entertain sifting through rifles and/or sending out photos to potential buyers. We cannot describe the issue with your particular rifle in advance, nor we will ensure that a particular rifle has one sort of fault rather than another. We offer only Hobson’s Choice.
  • Please note: Some Upper Receivers may have been test-fired during assembly more than is normal and may show brass marks. This is mainly for trial and error purposes while diagnosing issues.
  • Please note: The only “functional” defects are rifles which have tight lockups or tight magazine wells. For tight magazine wells, metal magazines may need to be used. Plastic magazines can also be used, but will require more force than is normal to remove.

Obviously, we will not entertain warranty claims for cosmetic issues with any Factory Second rifle sold, however we 100% guarantee their function.

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 cm


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