Right Hand Renova Remington 700 Action Small Bolt Face

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The Kodiak Defence Renova action is a Remington 700 style action, created for the precision shooter through and through. Designed with a 6 lug floating bolt head, it uses two rows of three locking lugs, giving the user a light bolt lift and a smooth throw. Available in small or large bolt faces, and both left or right hand configurations.

  • Small bolt face actions are compatible with .17 HMR, .222, .223 Remington, .204 Ruger, and .224 Wylde.
  • Accepts standard Savage pre-fit barrels for super-simple installation. (1.062/1.055 x 20TPI)
  • Accepts all standard Remington 700 triggers – no trigger hanger required.
  • Sako Extractor – larger than standard means no failures to extract.
  • Works with any Remington Stock/chassis system and most aftermarket chassis systems. * Please contact Customer Service for more details*
  • Works with external magazine-fed and blind mag stocks.
  • Double pinned 20MOA Picatinny rail designed specifically for this action. (#8-40 screws)


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