WK180C Lower Parts Kit

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Contains all the internals of the WK180C Lower Receiver at a 10% bulk discount:

2x WK180C-L-2 E-Clip

1x WK180C-L-3 Pivot Pin

2x WK180C-L-4 Selector Lever Retaining Bolt

2x WK180C-L-5 Selector Lever

1x WK180C-L-6 Selector Cylinder 

1x WK180C-L-7 Bolt Catch

1x WK180C-L-8 Pin, Bolt Catch

1x WK180C-L-9 Spring, Bolt Catch

1x WK180C-L-10 Hammer

1x WK180C-L-11 Hammer Spring

2x WK180C-L-12 Pin, Trigger/Hammer

1x WK180C-L-13 Magazine Catch

1x WK180C-L-14 Spring, Magazine Catch

1x WK180C-L-15 Button, Magazine Catch

1x WK180C-L-16 Trigger

1x WK180C-L-17 Spring, Disconnector

1x WK180C-L-18 Disconnector

1x WK180C-L-19 Spring, Trigger